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NO FEAR – Motivational Video Daring People

Check out this great video of these daring people all over the world.

These people do all kinds of (extreme) sport like surfing, , jumping from cliffs, , jumping from a cliff into water, jumping over cars.


A great inspiration ,just to dare more then yesterday.

Surfing with a gigantic wave


Jumping over Cars

This guy jumps over a car with a very fast speed (don’t know the exact speed). Amazing timing!


Sky Diving


Great shot of to people in the air, one is totally relaxed and shows us a move in the air, very cool!

Wingsuit Flying

You can barely see the guy in the wingsuit, it was too fast for the camera.


This video shows some great athletes, don’t go start buying a winggsuit and jumping from heights. This video is to inspire that you can do this fearless. If you want something in , you have to go for it headfirst 😉 Go for your dreams and try to live a live without fears.

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