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Run After Your Destiny – Be Phenomenal Part 2

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I understand, you are attracted to . Because is all in you, but it’s easier to watch, it’s easier to see than to put in the time, to put in the energy to discipline yourself, to ! It’s easier!!! So that’s why you have been doing the same thing, you have the same job, you experiencing the same things in your nothing has changed.

Everything about you is phenomenal, but you consciously made a decision to be average. You’re average at school you’re average at your work space, like everything you do is average. And not because it’s average but because you made a decision, you made a choice to be average, why.. because the people around you are average or maybe you grew up in a average environment, or you went to a average school, or you work for an average company. So YOU have decided to go against who you are.


No one else feels sorry for you, only you do. That’s the type of mindset when people aren’t successful in life, they sit there and they feel sorry for themselves, and the want all this f.. sympathy from everybody else, yet they’re not willing to go out there and make shit happen for themselves.


This is not for everyone, this is not for the fainted hart. This is for people who have goals and dreams they want to achieve.


Everybody thinks that this world, this government, somebody owes them something, nobody owes you shit! ๐Ÿ™‚ If you want something, go out there and get it. Go out there and f… take it, that’s all there is to it.


You could be great if you just showed up, get in the game, stop playing. You deserve to see what your life would look like if you gave a 120%


You gotta run after your destiny , you gotta run after your destiny, you gotta run after it! Because is never an accident, and if you donยดt want it….. Get out of my way ๐Ÿ˜‰ because there are some people who want to do something with their life, who will run!


The choice that we have though is either to give up, or to keep on going. I am gonna ask you what are going to believe… are you gonna believe in yourself or are you gonna believe everybody else his judgment on you?

Eric Thomas
Like i want your dream to become so clear, so vivid, right! So when you wake in the morning, all you got to do is to step in your dream.

T.D. Jakes
I didn’t get it until i got to this age, but i am gonna start running. I messed up, but no i am gonna start running. I messed up high school, but now i am gonna start running. The moment you give the word you gonna run.

Eric Thomas
You might be taller than me, you might be bigger than me, you might be stronger than me but i am coming and i rather die trying. I rather give a year i rather put in work and fail.

Nick Vujicic
The harder you work, the harder it is to surrender, and that’s in every aspect of life.

Les Brown
Start acting like this is your last day on the planet.

Eric Thomas
I deserve to see what my life would look like, if i gave a 120%.

T.D. Jakes
I would rather aim for the stars and not hit them, than to not aim at all. I would rather go after it and not get it, that not go after it at all. I rather try and fail that to not try at all. I don’t want to live with the idea, what would have happened, had i done more with my life. I’m going after my destiny. You gotta run after your destiny. You crawl after your destiny, you can’t walk after your destiny, you got to RUN, RUN, RUN!
If you just run after what’s in front of you, you will escape what’s behind you. Don’s spend all your time tying to fix what’s behind you. Because you’ll never be able to fix what’s behind you, you have to run after what’s in front of you.